Batavia Boutique Hotel in Stellenbosch offers accommodation to the discerning business and leisure traveller to the Cape Winelands of South Africa with all the grandeur of a classical 19th century guesthouse with all the modern conveniences and 5 star service.

Each guest is welcomed to Batavia Boutique Hotel in an atmosphere of cordiality and full respect for the complete privacy and comfort in this unique boutique hotel in the centre of Stellenbosch village life.

The hotel is ideally situated in the heart of the historic town of Stellenbosch and is within walking distance of the Stellenbosch Museum, Moederkerk and a wealth of trend-setting galleries such as such as Portchie’s Red Teapot Gallery, award-winning restaurants and many social cafés and pubs.  Wine tours to the Cape Winelands can be arranged with management.


Batavia Boutique Hotel offers

Batavia Boutique Hotel Stellenbosch facilities: Prime location, free wifi, complimentary breakfast, secure parking
Batavia Boutique Hotel Stellenbosch facilities: swimming pool, laundry service, light meals, 24 hour reception